View our projects in Africa (Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Somalia, South Africa, Uganda, and Zambia) by year below.


Morocco: Capacity Building for Observatory of Crimes
Tunisia: Records Management
Tunisia: Technical Assistance to Administrative Tribunal 
Tunisia: Transparency in Public Life
Morocco: International Conference on Observatories of Crime
Tunisia: Enhancing Judicial Capacity to Adjudicate Financial Crimes
Uganda: Enhancing Community-Based Mediation


Morocco: Building Management Capacity at the Ministry of Justice and Liberties
Morocco: Justice Sector Officials Study Judicial Governance in U.S.
Morocco: Implementing the Justice Reform Charter
Namibia: Showcasing Best Practices in Court Administration and Technology
Nigeria: Showcasing Best Practices in Court Administration and Technology
Somalia: Assessing Justice Sector Reform Opportunities   
Tunisia: Model Courts Encourage IT Innovation 
Tunisia: Developing User-Friendly Courts 
Tunisia: Increasing Accountability and Countering Financial Crime  


Kenya: Studying Court Management and Leadership
Morocco: Evaluating Judicial Reform
Morocco: Experts Conduct Evaluation of Judicial Reform Feasibility
Morocco: NCSC Facilitates U.S.-Moroccan Dialogue on Judicial Governance
Morocco: Advancing Judicial Reform
Nigeria and the Caribbean: Partnering in Court Technology Development
Tunisia: Model Court Clerks Trained on Records Management and Communication
Tunisia:  Improving Court Administration 
Uganda: Strengthening Land Rights and Tenure Recognition in Masindi
Uganda: Resolving Land Disputes 
Zambia: NCSC Hosts Judicial Delegation 


Egypt: Legal Assistance for Torture Victims
Nigeria: Court Case Management System Project
Nigeria: Creating an Auditable Data Trail
Nigeria: Installation of Court Case Management System at Supreme Court
Nigeria: Supreme Court Previews Case Management System
Rwanda: Integrated Justice Program
Uganda: Community Radio Programs Raise Awareness 
Uganda: Sharing Experiences in Legal Aid Service Delivery
Uganda: Systems for Legal Empowerment in Land Related Matters


Nigeria: Designing an Automated Court Case Management System
Nigeria: Developing an Automated Court Case Management System
Nigeria: Facilitating Access at the Entry Points of the Justice System 
Nigeria: Legal E-Mail Network Envisioned
Nigeria: NCSC Facilitates Court Case Management Systems Development
Uganda: Observing International Day of Peace
Uganda: Promoting Conflict-Sensitive Journalism 


Nigeria: Development of Automated Case Management System Underway
Uganda: Empowering Local Justice Innovators


Nigeria: NCSC Signs MOU with the Judiciary of Nigeria
South Africa: Improving Court Administration
South Africa: Observing 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence
Uganda: Supporting Access to Justice, Fostering Equity and Peace


South Africa: The South African Justice Sector Strengthening Program (JSSP)