Nigeria: Designing an Automated Court Case Management System



In early August, representatives of the National Judicial Council of Nigeria (NJC) and NCSC IT expert, Jim McMillan, traveled to Hyderabad, India to consult with software developers from CMC Limited (a subsidiary of Tata Consultancy Services). CMC has been contracted by the NJC to modify a court case management system software platform donated by NCSC to the Nigerian courts.

The development team worked intensively over four days on the system functionality and mapping of Nigerian Supreme Court processes to the court case management system. The development team also reviewed data screens, provided input on user dashboard design and other user interface issues.  In early October, representatives from CMC’s software development team will participate in further technical meetings with members of the NJC and NCSC IT experts in Abuja, Nigeria.

In August 2013, the NJC contracted with NCSC to provide technical assistance services in relation to the design and implementation of an automated court case management system. The CCMS will be introduced into pilot courts in Nigeria at three levels:  the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeals, and the High Court.  In addition to providing consulting and technical services, NCSC also provided the NJC with a software framework to support the CCMS.