Nigeria, August 2013: Development of Automated Case Management System Underway


On August, 2013, the National Judicial Council of Nigeria (NJC) signed an agreement with NCSC for the development of a case management system for use by the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal and specified High Courts within Nigeria. NCSC will assist the NJC with the design and implementation of an IT case management system, as well as through the provision of an appropriate software framework. NCSC’s Jeff Apperson was quoted as saying that he is “very proud to work in a partnership to establish a case management system for Nigeria that will facilitate efficiency, transparency and accountability for the courts and people of Nigeria.” (The Punch: August 27, 2013)

The project will run for two years and will involve the efforts of a number of NCSC experts, local counterparts and various IT vendors. The new case management system is expected to be installed at the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal and various High Courts later this year.