Nigeria: Court Case Management System Project


From January 29 - February 11, NCSC Senior Court Technology Consultant, Jim McMillan, and a group of Nigerian court officials traveled to Hyderabad, India to work with the software development company, Tata-CMC, on system design requirements for trial courts in Nigeria.

The Nigeria Court Case Management System Project will soon reach an important milestone, with the installation of an automated court case management system (CCMS) at the Supreme Court of Nigeria in May, 2015.  After a year in development, the new system provides a basis for automation of all the courts in the country on a single, configurable technical platform. 

The CCMS is designed to work in a “private-cloud” environment, thus reducing costs at all levels including hardware, network, software licenses, and IT staff support.  The system is also designed to guide staff and enforce court procedures and rules resulting in a more just and equitable legal system for the nation.

The project also involves the development of a verified and controlled e-mail system for all lawyers and judicial officials in Nigeria.  Following a highly competitive tender and acquisition process for this element of the project, Microsoft was awarded a contract for initial development and deployment of the e-mail system.

In August 2013, the NJC contracted with NCSC to design and implement an automated court case management system (CCMS). The CCMS will be introduced into pilot courts in Nigeria at three levels:  the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeals, and the High Court.  In addition to providing consulting and technical services, NCSC also provided the NJC with a software framework to support the CCMS.