View our projects in Europe (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, the Republic of Georgia, and Serbia) by year below.


Bosnia and Herzegovina: Mock Trial Program
Turkey: Transparency in the Judicial Process 
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Improving Legal Education
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Mock Trial Program
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Educating through Practice-Based Learning Systems
Kosovo: Final Mock Trial Closes Demand for Justice Initiative 
Kosovo: Strengthening Judicial Ethics
Kosovo: Facilitating Bench-Bar Dialogue on Justice Sector Integrity
Kosovo: Supporting Court Budget Planning and Management
Kosovo: Supporting Legal Aid for All 
Mock Trial Program in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Student Law Practicum Program in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Bosnia and Herzegovina: Anti-Corruption Conference Tackles Challenges to Judicial Integrity
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Training to Counter Corruption
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Promoting Practical Legal Training
Kosovo: Assisting Basic Courts to Reduce Delays
Kosovo: NCSC Experts Conduct Field Study to Improve Court Productivity
Kosovo: Demand for Justice Campaigns against Corruption
Kosovo: Empowering Youth Leaders in Justice
Kosovo: NCSC Launches Three Live Legal Clinics
Kosovo: Mobilizing Youth against Judicial Corruption
Moldova: Strengthening Access to Justice


Bosnia and Herzegovina: Workshop on Public Relations and Transparency
Kosovo: NCSC to Support Citizen Demand for Justice
Kosovo: NCSC Hosts IJET Fellows for Change Management Workshop
Kosovo: Mobilizing Citizen Demand for Justice
Kosovo: Promoting Ethics and Professionalism 
Serbia: Building the Capacity of the State Audit Institution 
Serbia: Celebrating Achievements in Judicial Reform
Southeast Europe: Utilizing Case Weighting to Improve Judicial Performance 
Serbia: Misdemeanor Court Open Day 


Kosovo: Finding our Voices Research Published
Serbia: Misdemeanor Court Case Management System
Serbia: Supporting Victims of Family Violence
Kosovo: Pathways to Legal Excellence
Kosovo: NCSC Maps Youth Entry into the Legal Workforce
Serbia: Partner Court Meeting in Nis
Serbia: Opening of Upgraded Courts in Pirot


Bosnia and Herzegovina: Justice Project Launched
Bulgaria: Weighing Judicial Caseload
Kosovo: Promoting Ethics and Professionalism in the Practice of Law
Serbia: Empowering Survivors of Gender Based Violence
Serbia: Misdemeanor Court Case Management System
Serbia: Misdemeanor Courts Transformed into One-Stop-Shops
Serbia: The New Law on Misdemeanors


Kosovo: New Partner to Advance Clinical Legal Education
Kosovo: Regulatory Reform Strengthens Legal Profession
Serbia: Anti-Corruption Agency Addresses Political Finance


KLP and New Perimeter work together to support the Kosovo Chamber of Advocates
Kosovo: Legal Professionals Program 
Kosovo: Enhancing the Legal Profession
Serbia: Promoting Gender Equality & Empowerment
Serbia: Enhancing Court Facilities 
Serbia: New Misdemeanor Law


Republic of Georgia: Support for Criminal Jury Trials in the Georgian Courts
Kosovo: KLP Program