View our projects in Asia (Bangladesh, Indonesia, Mongolia, South Korea and Tajikistan) by year below.


Bangladesh: Justice for All
Bangladesh: Rule of Law
Bangladesh: Developing Court Staff IT Skills
Bangladesh: Promoting Access to Justice for All
Bangladesh: Sensitizing Judges to Effective Case Management Techniques


Bangladesh: Supreme Court Improves Caseflow Management
Bangladesh:Legal Aid Makes Access to Justice a Reality
Bangladesh:Supporting Justice for All
Bangladesh:Improving Access to Justice for the Poor
Philippines: Judicial Education in U.S. State Courts
Bangladesh: Improving Access to Justice for the Poor


Bangladesh:Defining Performance-Based Evaluation Criteria 
Bangladesh: Government Legal Aid Brings Justice to the Poor
Bangladesh: Improving Case Management


Tajikistan: Implementing Case Management Systems
Bangladesh: International Framework for Court Excellence
Bangladesh: Legal Aid Now Available at the Supreme Court
Bangladesh: Court Administration and Case Management Training
Bangladesh: Government Legal Aid Brings Justice to the Poor


Bangladesh: Justice Sector Officials Attend Court Administration Conference
Bangladesh: Judges Debate Court Excellence
Bangladesh: Promoting Women in Justice


Bangladesh: Amendments to the Legal Aid Services Act Adopted
Bangladesh: NCSC Conducts Training for District Legal Aid Office Staff
Bangladesh: Update from Rajshahi and Rangpur Districts
Bangladesh: USAID Launches Justice For All Program


Indonesia: Anti-corruption and Commercial Court Enhancement
Indonesia: Justice Sector Support Program
Judicial Reform in Mongolia
Promoting Court Excellence
Bangladesh: Promoting Justice For All
South Korea: South Korea Justice and Social Media