View our projects in the Caribbean (Bahamas, Barbados, Dominican Republic, Eastern Caribbean Haiti, Jamaica, Saint Lucia and Trinidad and Tobago) by year below.


Barbados: Case Management and Trial Preparation 
Barbados: Investigating and Prosecuting Sexual Offences


Bahamas: NCSC Supports Creation of Public Defender’s Office
Dominican Republic: Officials Trained on Anti-Money Laundering Procedures
Dominican Republic: Countering Money Laundering 
Dominican Republic: Countering Money Laundering 
Eastern Caribbean: Enhancing Courtrooms through Technology 
Eastern Caribbean: NCSC Assesses Asset Forfeiture and Management Frameworks
Eastern Caribbean: Strengthening Case Management   
Trinidad and Tobago: Legal Aid Attorneys and Prosecutors Trained on Trial Advocacy 
Trinidad and Tobago: Promoting Trial Advocacy Skills 
Trinidad and Tobago: Digital Evidence and Cyber Forensics 


Bahamas: Advanced Trial Advocacy Training 
Bahamas: Training Judges on Sentencing and Plea Agreement


Eastern Caribbean: Trial Advocacy Training 
Dominican Republic: Countering Financial Crime 
Bahamas: Gang Investigation and Prosecution Workshop
Jamaica: Improving Written and Oral Judgments 
Jamaica: Trial Advocacy Workshop
Trinidad and Tobago: Training Youth in Peer Resolution Techniques 
Dominican Republic: Partnering to Counter Financial Crime
Combating Organized Crime 
Jamaica: Judicial Writing Workshop
Trinidad and Tobago: Juvenile Justice Training 


Dominican Republic: Exchanging Experience in Judicial Transparency
Eastern Caribbean: NCSC Supports Juvenile Justice Reform Initiative
Bahamas: Functionalizing Plea Bargaining 
Trinidad and Tobago: Functionalizing Plea Bargaining


Honduras: Evidence Training to Strengthen Criminal Justice 
Honduras: Countering Transnational Crime
Saint Lucia: Juvenile Justice Reform in the Caribbean


Haiti: Judicial Strengthening and Stabilization Initiatives