Egypt: Legal Assistance for Torture Victims


In March, NCSC completed a program to protect human rights and the Rule of Law in Egypt. The program, implemented with funding from the U.S. State Department in partnership with a network of 11 civil society organizations based in Cairo, Alexandria, Gharbeya, Aswan, Menya, El-Arish, and Ismailia, provided legal representation to victims of torture, advocated for reform of the anti-torture legal framework, and developed the capacity of lawyers, journalists, and civil society actors to document, investigate, and advocate torture cases.

In December 2014, the program marked the 30th Anniversary of the United Nations Convention against Torture with the release of a National Plan for Eliminating Torture by 2020. At the end of the program, a draft law on protection against torture was submitted for consideration to government counterparts to address longstanding legal, procedural, and practical shortcomings of the existing protection framework. The Program managed a total of 74 cases of torture and represented 90 victims.