Turkey: Transparency in the Judicial Process

From October 11-12, 2018, NCSC Vice President, Jeff Apperson moderated a panel on the Istanbul Declaration on Transparency in the Judicial Process at the Fourth International Summit of High Courts on Transparency in the Judicial Process in Istanbul, Turkey.  

The Istanbul Declaration is the first comprehensive set of principles governing judicial transparency in Turkey.  The conference provided a platform for the discussion of draft implementation measures for 15 key transparency principles.  These principles include, among others, media access rights, public outreach and education, transparency in the appointment and discipline of judges, and the promotion of judicial quality and public satisfaction. The summit brought together 160 chief justices and rule of law experts from 30 countries to share their experiences and to discuss the optimal means by which to adopt the draft principles. 

Following extensive roundtable discussions, the draft implementation measures were adopted, and will now be presented to the United Nations Economic and Social Council for further consideration. Click here for more information on the Summit.