Colombia: Promoting Court Excellence

In June 2018, NCSC and the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Colombia hosted a workshop for magistrates focused on the International Framework for Court Excellence. During the workshop, magistrates and other high court officials considered court improvement practices to strengthen the administration of justice within the Constitutional Court.

Participants noted that the workshop provided a productive forum for sharing challenges and opportunities to improve access to the court, strengthen strategic planning, and optimize resources. The workshop culminated in the creation of an action plan targeting short and long-term goals to be pursued by the Constitutional Court. The event was covered by several media outlets.

The Constitutional Court is the highest appellate court for matters involving fundamental rights and interpretation of the Constitution, with the power to determine the constitutionality of laws, acts, and statutes in Colombia. The President of the Constitutional Court Alejandro Linares commented that this was the first time the Constitutional Court had undertaken a self-assessment of its services.

NCSC is a leading contributor to the International Consortium for Court Excellence, a group which seeks to advance excellence in court performance around the world. For more information on the International Framework for Court Excellence, please visit: