Sharing Justice Solutions at Ibero-American Judicial Summit

In April, various NCSC staff members participated in the XVII Ibero-American Judicial Summit, held in Santiago, Chile. The Summit is a gathering of the most senior judicial leaders from the Americas and Spain and serves as a forum to advance cooperation among judicial leaders throughout the Ibero-American community.

NCSC experts Lawrence Webster and Alicia Davis, and Program Manager, John Cipperly, contributed to the Summit through presentations on advancements in management systems development and integration, and the application of technology to strengthen access and service delivery. NCSC’s own Court Technology Conference (CTC) served as the model for the Ibero-American Summit’s Justice & Technology Fair, that featured a Model Court developed through a public-private partnership of the Supreme Court of Chile and leading technology firms. The Justice & Technology Fair and the Model Court forum were highlights of the Summit.

NCSC is proud to have had the opportunity to share our experiences from the 50 U.S. states and around the world, and to grow together with our peers in South America. We thank our hosts, the Supreme Court of Chile, for the opportunity to contribute and look forward to continued partnership in pursuit of justice sector excellence in the region. 

Visit the Ibero-American Judicial Summit for more information.