Guatemala: Release of International Legal Assistance Consortium Assessment

On October 10, 2018, NCSC participated in the launch of an assessment lead by the International Legal Assistance Consortium (ILAC), in an event held at the International Women Judges Association headquarters in Washington, D.C. The event featured remarks by Agneta Johansson, ILAC Executive Director, and IAWJ President, Judge Vanessa Ruiz, and NCSC President, Mary McQueen.

In 2017, the ILAC Assessment team met with more than 150 Guatemalan officials, legal professionals, and civil society leaders across the country. The team assessed the role and response of justice sector actors in response to Rule of Law challenges over the past two decades. The team’s findings demonstrate that many of the commitments set in the 1996 Peace Accords remain unfulfilled. The ILAC Assessment team included a representative of NCSC, Dr. Luis Maria Palma, who contributed substantially to the development of the report. In addition to the launch event held in Washington on October 10, the ILAC team, including Dr. Palma, held consultations with policy makers and those interested in justice sector development in Guatemala. 

When commenting on the state of rule of law in Guatemala, ILAC’s Executive Director Agneta Johansson said: “The legacy of inequality and violence still jeopardize rule of law, stability and development in Guatemala today. As a result, root causes of the conflict remain relevant and have frequently grown more intractable.”

The International Legal Assistance Consortium (ILAC), of which NCSC is a member, is a private, non-profit organization that gathers wide-ranging legal expertise and competencies from around the world to help rebuild justice systems in countries that are in conflict, post conflict, or in transition toward peace and democracy. ILAC is based in Sweden, with member organizations worldwide.