Las Vegas, Nevada: 2016 E-Courts Conference Participants Propose Innovations to Court Scheduling


On December 12-14, 2016 over 700 persons attended the E-Courts 2016 Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.  There were international attendees from Abu Dhabi, Australia, Canada, Israel, Korea, Nigeria, Singapore, and Trinidad and Tobago. 

In one panel, panelists from British Columbia, Canada shared innovations to address one of the most critical challenges faced by judiciaries worldwide: delays in case processing as a result of continuances. The New Models in Court Scheduling were introduced after determining that the British Columbia Provincial Court was struggling with high rates of continuances—exceeding 60% for criminal cases. The panelists described their multi-faceted Scheduling Project, including (1) the use of a simple form to replace pretrial court appearances, when the parties and their counsel agree, (2) the use of telephone and video conferencing to ensure the availability of a judicial official for scheduled matters, and (3) the use of a delayed assignment model to focus precious judicial resources -- both human and court facilities -- on those court events that are confirmed as ready to proceed.

E-Courts is a bi-annual conference organized by NCSC to bring together court officials and technology innovators to explore solutions to justice sector challenges. To view key highlights from the conference, please visit The 2017 Court Technology Conference will be held on September 12-14 in Salt Lake City. For more information, please visit