Honduras, March 2012: Countering Transnational Crime



With funding from the U.S. Department of State, NCSC has been implementing the Honduran Courts Management Project since 2010.  Working closely with the Honduran judiciary, NCSC developed a bench book for judges on how to try narcotics and transnational crime (NTC) cases.  NCSC also developed a case management manual for court officers.  In 2011, NCSC and the Honduran Judicial Academy worked closely and provided training to judges and prosecutors on the trial of NTC cases court staff.  In addition, there was separate training for judges and court staff on case management.  In all, 271 participants attended training events. 

In the first quarter of 2012, NCSC and Judicial Academy expanded training on trial management and case management to other regions of the country and trained 143 legal professionals.  NCSC continues to collaborate with Honduran counterparts on the piloting of a fast-track system for NTC cases in the Tegucigalpa courts and advising on technology upgrades to the improve functionality of an inter-institutional case tracking system for the courts, prosecutor, and police.