North & Central America

View our projects in North and Central America (Costa Rica, Grenada, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama and Trinidad) by year below.


Costa Rica: Anticorruption Mechanisms
Guatemala: International Legal Assistance Consortium Assessment
Mexico: Judges and the Rule of Law
Costa Rica: Assessing Anti-Corruption Gaps and Vulnerabilities
Honduras: Strengthening the Public Defender's Office
Nicaragua: Strengthening Civil Society Organizations 
Panama: Developing the Skills of At-Risk Youth 


Costa Rica: Combating Human Trafficking
Costa Rica: Preventing and Deterring Corruption
Guatemala: Assessing Rule of Law Reform
Williamsburg, Virginia: Juvenile Justice: Supporting Effective Change Management
Arlington, VA: NACM – IACA Conference Promotes Court Excellence
Nicaragua: Strengthening the Rule of Law
Nicaragua: Facilitating Experiential Learning 
Nicaragua: Encouraging Ethical Business Practices  


Costa Rica: Cybercrime and Juvenile Justice
Costa Rica: Developing Litigation Skills
Costa Rica: Partnering to Strengthen the Administration of Justice
Costa Rica: New Cooperative Agreement Awarded
Grenada: Improving Written and Oral Judgments
Las Vegas, Nevada: 2016 E-Courts Conference Participants Propose Innovations to Court Scheduling
Nicaragua: Supporting the Rule of Law 
Panama: Improving Outcomes for Young People
Panama: NCSC Recognized at International Anti-Corruption Conference 
Trinidad: Exchanging Experience in Youth Court Programs


Costa Rica: Juvenile Justice Training for Prosecutors
El Salvador: Strengthening Community Support Networks for Juvenile Justice
Global: NCSC Develops Global Resource for Judicial Training
Guatemala: Juvenile Justice Clinics
Honduras: Improving Outcomes for Young People
International Visitors Education Program: Supreme People’s Court of China
Panama: Capacity Building Training for Juvenile Justice Actors 
Washington, D.C. – Partnering to Counter Trafficking in Persons 


Celebrating Women Leaders at NCSC
Costa Rica: Advancing Criminal Justice and Juvenile Justice Reform
Honduras: Strengthening Citizen Security
Arlington, Virginia: International Visitors Education Program
NCSC Sponsors American University Summer Course: Judicial Reform in the Americas   
New York's Pro Bono Requirement: Legal Professionals Doing Justice and Doing Good
Promoting Justice, Security, and Opportunities for Young People


Central America: NCSC supports Central America Regional Security Initiative


Guatemala: Council of Central American Judiciaries Meeting
Honduras: Countering Transnational Crime