Panama: Empowering Civil Society to Support Accountable Institutions

In March 2019, NCSC held the first in a series of capacity-building workshops for 26 grassroots organizations. The workshop provided valuable knowledge about the daily operations of NGOs to strengthen organizational planning, management, and operational capacity. Participants learned about topics including legal registration, financial management, internal control, human resources, contracting, operational controls, ethics, campaign and advocacy skills, external relations, business development, and monitoring and evaluation. The workshop gave participants clear indications on how to become legally approved to operate in Panama, and information on their legal and fiscal responsibilities.

The Chief of Section for Non-Profit Foundations of Panama’s General Revenue Office was on hand to answer participants’ questions about legal registration requirements and regarding his agency’s reporting requirements, which was a subject of considerable interest among the attendees. One participant had the following to say about the experience: “We have been provided with knowledge that would cost us years to acquire, in addition to the support for obtaining our legal status.”  

The Program to Promote Accountable Institutions in Panama is implemented by NCSC and funded by the U.S. Embassy in Panama.