Panama: Developing the Skills of At-Risk Youth

From January to March 2018, NCSC implemented a program on continuing educational and marketplace opportunities for at-risk youth in Panama. The program developed the participants’ knowledge and abilities across a range of subjects, including Spanish, Math, English, Anger Management and Emotional Control, Citizenship and the Rule of Law, Vocational Support, Labor Skills for High Demand Job Opportunities, Job Interviewing, and Professional Networking.


The program also created a WhatsApp group to motivate participants to be proactive in their job searches, and to share information on employment opportunities within the group, including job fairs. The participants’ information was also shared with prospective employers.  

The Mayor of Panama City, Jose Isabel Blandon, attended the closing ceremony and thanked the participants and those who supported the program, including the National Police of Panama, and the Embassy of the United States. Luiyis Rivas, a teenager who successfully completed the program noted that "... everything we have learned is important. I thank NCSC and the United States Embassy for this opportunity that helped me strengthen my knowledge. We, young people, from low-income neighborhoods are rocks that need impulse to become diamonds.”

The Continuing Education and Marketplace Opportunities Program is part of the Juvenile Justice and Youth Empowerment Program, funded by the U.S. Embassy in Panama.