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International Visitor's Program
 Korean Judges
 District Judge Jong Yeol Ahn, left, and Seoul Western District Court Presiding Judge Ho Geun Bae share stories with the 6th Judicial District Judges in Cedar Rapids, IA, Dec. 5, 2011.

Through the International Visitors Educational Program, NCSC designs and conducts observational educational programming for hundreds of international judicial leaders annually.

The programs range from one-day seminars, to one-week intensive studies of a specific court administration topic, or multi-week comprehensive studies of the American judicial system. Each program is individually tailored to the educational criteria provided by the participants.

NCSC also conducts observational programs abroad, giving participants the opportunity to observe best practice judicial procedures in countries neighboring their own, where the legal system and legal culture are familiar and more easily compared to that of their countries.

NCSC hosts hundreds of international exchange visitors each year. In the last quarter of 2011, NCSC facilitated exchanges with one hundred judges and court managers from Korea, through placements in trial courts around the U.S. In continuation of our partnership with the Supreme Court of Korea, NCSC is coordinating advanced legal education programs for nine judges from Korea who will study at law schools in the U.S.

In addition to our partnership with Korea, NCSC has recently hosted visitors from throughout Southeast Asia and China.