Kosovo: Improving Legal Literacy in Traditionally Vulnerable Communities

During March 2019, NCSC arranged for law students enrolled in legal clinic programs to disseminate legal information and to speak with residents of Roma, Ashkali, Egyptian, and Kosovo Serb communities through the USAID Justice Matters Activity.

Despite years of donor assistance and locally-led programs to connect citizens to public services, vulnerable communities often lack access to legal information and legal assistance resources that meet their needs. The legal clinic students engaged residents with questions about their needs and about the resources available to them via the Free Legal Aid Agency (FLAA). To support youth outreach activities in these communities, NCSC produced materials in Albanian, Serbian, and Roma languages. 

In conjunction with this outreach effort, NCSC hosted a townhall event in Gorazdec, which is populated mainly by Kosovo Serbs, aimed at local women. During the event, 17 participants shared the problems they faced in accessing legal information, mentioning barriers such as language differences and the lack of legal documents. Townhall participants were encouraged by FLAA representatives to continue pushing for legal services in their language, which is guaranteed by law.

The Justice Matters Activity is funded by USAID and implemented by NCSC to support the Free Legal Aid Agency, university law faculties, and civil society partners to enhance access to justice for all in Kosovo.