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  • Judicial Ethics and Accountability
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Rule of Law - Honduras

NCSC and its subcontractor, Federation of Development Organizations of Honduras (FOPRIDEH), were awarded a 17-month grant from the U.S Department of State to conduct a project to improve the justice system effectiveness in Honduras.

The project is an important part of Plan Merida -- the cooperative approach among the United States, Mexico, the countries of Central America, Haiti and the Dominican Republic to promote regional security by confronting the marked increase in transnational organized crime.

The goal of the Honduran component of Plan Merida is to strengthen the capacity of the Honduran courts to handle, in an effective and transparent manner, transnational drug trafficking cases.

NCSC will implement a pragmatic program with four clear objectives that target gaps and deficiencies in the Honduran judiciary.


1. Strengthening court capacity to manage narcotics trafficking cases.

2. Broadening the use of existing electronic case management and statistical reporting systems.

3. Enhancing court capacity to process NTC cases expeditiously.

4. Designing best practices for trying NTC cases.

These objectives have distinct activity areas that will improve the court capacity in the “Juzgados de Letras” and the "Tribunales de Sentencia" in Tegucigalpa. The activities will also result in a multiplier effect where reforms will be replicated and expanded to other courts and judges in Honduras.


Honduras, August 2012: Countering Transnational Crime
Honduras, March 2012: Countering Transnational Crime