Uganda: Developing Evidence-Based Practice for Access to Justice

In May 2018, NCSC convened a national conference on land learning as a culminating activity for USAID’s Supporting Access to Justice, Fostering Equity and Peace (SAFE) Program. The theme of the conference was “Land Learning: Transforming Outcomes for Sustainable Peace and Prosperity.” The goal of the conference was to address evidence-based practice developed over years of assistance to strengthen access to justice in land matters.

The national conference provided an opportunity for the SAFE program to share the lessons learned over six years of intervention in the areas of access to justice and conflict mitigation related to land administration and access to justice. The conference drew participants from government, development partners, civil society actors, private sector representatives and academics. Participants were invited to share their experiences and to chart a way forward for renewed efforts to pursue access to justice and strengthen land tenure systems.

Presentations from the Ministry of Housing, Land and Urban Development (MLHUD), highlighted the next steps s that the Government and partners could take, including advancement of the National Land Policy, implementation of the Land Sector Strategic Plan (LSSP), and further efforts to innovate and secure land rights and tenure for traditionally marginalized groups.

The USAID SAFE Program was a six-year, 14 million USD program implemented in partnership by the National Center for State Courts and Search for Common Ground, as well as numerous local civil society organizations. Closing in July 2018, the SAFE Program worked to improve access to justice and to strengthen peace building and conflict mitigation in 20 districts in Uganda.