Nigeria: Electronic Mail Service Launched

Since 2014, NCSC has advised the National Judicial Council of Nigeria (NJC) on the design and development of an Electronic Mail Software as a Solution (E-Mail SaaS) service for the courts and licensed attorneys in Nigeria.

The E-mail SaaS service provides a secure method of electronic communication for court-related information, including reminders, legal notifications and filings. The service improves the reliability and integrity of communications through a verifiable exchange mechanism between parties, which can be integrated with the automated case management system currently being developed by the NJC with NCSC’s assistance.

Microsoft Corporation was selected by the NJC to provide validated e-mail services for the system. Licensed attorneys are issued e-mail addresses after registering and presenting identification to the courts. A pilot version of the system has been running at the Supreme Court of Nigeria since 2015. As of July 16, 2018, the Supreme Court of Nigeria will no longer accept manual filings, with all filings to be submitted via the E-mail SaaS.