Morocco: Building Management Capacity

Since January 2018, NCSC has delivered training on key management competencies to personnel from the Moroccan Ministry of Justice (MOJ). Between January and June 2018, NCSC delivered twelve training sessions in four thematic areas identified as priorities by the MOJ. Two training sessions were provided in strategic planning and leadership, two in budget management, four in project management, and four in human resources and conflict management. Since the start of the program, NCSC has delivered 394 person-days of training to mid and upper management personnel from the MOJ.

In June, NCSC conducted an impact evaluation to determine satisfaction levels among training beneficiaries, and to measure learning gains, knowledge retention and utilization post-training. More than 30 trainees participated in interviews and focus groups. Data collected from the impact evaluation showed high levels of satisfaction and positive evaluations of retention and utilization of core competencies developed through the training.

The Justice Sector Management Training Program is implemented by NCSC under a two-year cooperative agreement from the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs.