Tunisia: Optimizing the Operations of the Administrative Tribunal

In December 2018, the International Legal Assistance Consortium (ILAC) and NCSC organized the first workshop for Regional Administrative Chambers of the Tunisian Administrative Tribunal. The workshop was the first in a series that will be held quarterly to provide a problem-solving forum to optimize the Tribunal’s decentralization, which began in March 2018.

During the workshop, participants identified challenges in establishing and managing the Administrative Tribunal’s regional chambers and brainstormed solutions to improve the organization of administrative services, communication with court users, and case and records management. Under the first theme, participants discussed problems relating to the equitable distribution of tasks and the need to clearly delineate responsibilities for administrative tasks. The second theme concerned relations between the regional chambers and court users. Participants discussed problems such as the way court users perceived the court system and the lack of clear communication channels. The third theme focused on case and records management, including the lack of a standardized IT system shared between the central and regional chambers.

NCSC serves as ILAC’s implementing partner in Tunisia under a three-year program funded by the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA).