Kosovo: USAID Justice Matters Connects Law Students with Opportunities

In October 2018, four public universities launched Kosovo’s first live legal clinics on Administrative Law based on course syllabi and materials developed with NCSC through USAID’s Justice Matters Activity. The clinics provide practical learning opportunities to law students under the supervision of a law professor. This semester, 65 students are enrolled in the program. While this is the first live legal clinic focused on Administrative law matters, NCSC has worked in partnership with Kosovo universities to operate live legal clinics on other subjects since December 2016.

In addition to supporting live legal aid clinics, the USAID Justice Matters Activity promotes practical learning for law students through structured professional development internships. Between October and December 2018, NCSC sponsored the placement of 8 law students as interns with the regional offices of the Free Legal Aid Agency. The internships provide opportunities for students to learn outside the classroom and to facilitate access to legal aid services for those in need. One new intern, Mendim Selmaji, said of his internship, “The Free Legal Aid Agency is a great opportunity for recent law graduates to work on different types of legal cases. This internship will give me a chance to help those most in need.”

The USAID/Kosovo Justice Matters Activity is implemented under contract by NCSC in support of Kosovo’s Free Legal Aid Agency, university law faculties, and civil society partners.