About NCSC International


In partnership with donor agencies, host-country governments, and non-governmental organizations, NCSC provides technical assistance, training and technology to enhance systems, empower communities, and engage citizens to improve the quality and efficiency of justice services around the world. NCSC has worked in over 30 countries, engaging in comprehensive rule of law projects in Africa and the Middle East, Asia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, and Latin America and the Caribbean.

Program Areas

  • Court Management and Administration
  • Judicial Independence
  • Judicial Ethics and Accountability
  • Strategic Planning and Program Design

NCSC International is always looking to expand its pool of qualified consultants. The first step: register as a new member.

  • Costa Rican Delegation visits NCSC Members of the Costa Rican Delegation visited NCSC headquarters June 20 to learn about best practices in court administration and governance and problem-solving courts and evidence based practices in juvenile justice systems.
  • Guyana: Trial Advocacy Training In April 2018, NCSC and the National Institute for Trial Advocacy Training (NITA), conducted a 3-day, Trial Advocacy workshop for the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions. read more
  • Panama: Developing the Skills of At-Risk Youth NCSC implements program on continuing educational and marketplace opportunities for at-risk youth. read more
  • Bangladesh: Promoting Access to Justice for All NCSC participates in celebration of National Legal Aid Day. read more

Highlights and Updates

Bangladesh: Developing Court Staff IT Skills
NCSC delivers IT training to clerks of the Supreme Court. 

Tunisia: Improving Records Management through IT Solutions
NCSC helps improve case and records management through IT innovations.  

Nigeria: Electronic Mail Service Launched
NCSC advises on secure e-mail system for courts and lawyers. 

Bangladesh: Sensitizing Judges to Effective Case Management Techniques
NCSC trains Judges on case management and the International Framework for Court Excellence.

Kosovo: Final Mock Trial Closes Demand for Justice Initiative
NCSC organizes mock trial competition to mark completion of project. 

Kosovo: Supporting Court Budget Planning and Management
NCSC conducts workshop on budget preparation and management processes. 

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Improving Legal Education
NCSC facilitates training-of-trainers program on curriculum development for academics. 

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Mock Trial Program
NCSC delivers training-of-trainers program on Mock Trials for high school teachers.  

Morocco: Building Management Capacity
NCSC provides management training to members of the Ministry of Justice. 

Uganda: Developing Evidence-Based Practice for Access to Justice
NCSC convenes national conference on land learning

Colombia: Promoting Court Excellence
NCSC conducts workshop on International Framework for Court Excellence. 

Honduras: Advancing Oral Litigation Training
NCSC sponsors participants to attend International Diploma Course in Oral Litigation. 

Panama: Strengthening Youth Violence Prevention Skills
NCSC facilitates training program on youth violence prevention skills. 

World Cup Spirit: Celebrating the Beautiful Game
NCSC enjoys the thrill of the FIFA Men’s Soccer World Cup. 

Tunisia: Enhancing Administrative Court System
NCSC awarded sub-contract to strengthen court administration and communication. 

Kosovo: Supporting Legal Aid for All
NCSC awarded contract to improve equal access to justice for all.